Power of I 2016

SKM Egg Products

What makes SKM Egg Products India’s most innovative export-oriented food processing unit

RA Chandroo

room with pristine white coats, white shoes, surgical caps and masks greet you before you can enter the processing area. You are asked to sterlise your hands not once but twice. For a minute you might think you are in a hospital, but no, you are at SKM Egg Products’ manufacturing facility. For the company, which swears by quality, the elaborate process is a norm. Situated about 20 kms from Erode, in Cholangapalayam village, SKM’s 35-acre facility, also in pristine white, looks as much state-of-the-art from the outside as inside. But it is these best-in-class quality standards inside that have put them on the world map and ahead of global competitors.