Power Couple

Sejal Shah & Mukul Gulati

Sejal & Mukul Gulati on how they are each other's 'intellectual' soul mates

Sehaj Shah GulatiAsk Sejal how different she and Mukul are, and she promptly replies, “like night and day”. She is the bubbly, fast-talking American (Indian by birth), who speaks her mind and is passionate about everything she does. Mukul is almost Zen-like; he takes time to process his thoughts before he speaks and is objective in every task he undertakes. Sejal Shah Gulati grew up in a suburb of New York in a traditional Gujarati family, while Mukul grew up in Delhi and then went to the US for college. They were set up on a date 12 years ago, only to discover that they were each other’s “intellectual” soul mates. The couple decided to come to India in 2006 so that Mukul could set up his firm’s Indian operations. They saw it as a fun adventure that they were going to take together. Mukul says that while the move brought them closer, the transition was tougher for Sejal. But she was determined to make it work and there was no stopping her.


Mukul GulatiSejal admits that though she did it for love, the move to Bengaluru opened professional opportunities that may not have been possible had they stayed back. For the couple, which loves to socialise, Bengaluru is now home, with a lot of friends who they love entertaining. Despite the tight schedule, they are strict about one parent being around with their seven- and three-year-old daughters on important school days or when they are sick; they have merged in the school calendar with their own. When it comes to holidays, Sejal makes the holiday and Mukul executes. While they go to the US every year to visit Sejal’s parents, Phuket remains a favourite, a place where both the book-lovers catch up on their reading while the kids play by the pool.

 When and where did you meet?

Sejal: We met 12 years ago, shortly after I graduated from business school in September 2000. He was working with a friend of mine (who was not from India), who felt we were a good match and set us up on a


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