My Best Pick 2019

Niraj Dalal

The founder of 3A Capital believes that a revamp of the CCD business and rejig of investments could get Coffee Day Enterprises crackling again

Published 3 years ago on Apr 22, 2019 6 minutes Read
RA Candroo

My daughter’s passion for tennis is ensuring that I travel every alternate weekend to accompany her to tournaments. While wins are not always on the cards, we do get to spend a lot of time together, especially over coffee and cakes! On one of my recent visits to a Café Coffee Day (CCD) outlet in Nashik, I was surprised to see that the cafe was full. My subsequent visit to Kolhapur reiterated the same thesis with the outlet witnessing a regular stream of visitors. The reason I mention Kolhapur and Nashik is because the cafe culture in South Mumbai is not representative of other parts of India and, hence, the time spent in Nashik and Kolhapur was an eye-opener and gave me the belief that, maybe, CCD has got something right.