Good Businesses 2016

Planting Machines

Kamal Kisan seeks to ease the troubles of small farmers with its low cost and easy-to-use products


It is a breezy 240 km ride from Bengaluru to Kadur taluk in Chikmagalur district, Karnataka. The sun continues to play hide and seek among the monsoon clouds on a lazy Sunday afternoon. While the city folks are enjoying their afternoon siesta, the scene on this side of the state is quite different. The planting season has arrived and one can spot farmers hard at work on furrowed pieces of land. A few kilometers away as we enter the village, the scene changes. We are now welcomed by vast stretches of sturdy sunflower stems and further on bordered by fields decorated with plump pomegranate vines. The extensive spread of fruits and flowers make for a picturesque setting till we reach a huge plot of land covered by long strips of silver plastic sheets.