A Weekend in Omaha 2016

Coke, candies and camaraderie

Snapshots of the master investor at the exhibition hall and the frolic that followed at Borsheims on Sunday

Published 4 years ago on Jul 04, 2016 Read

Candy cash: See’s Candies built a special house with 3,878 See’s fudge boxes — the number of boxes Buffett would have eaten if he ate two ounces a day every day till date

Funlimited : Fechheimer displayed its Berkshire Activewear Collection saying, “It’s the shirt”, poking fun at Buffett, who is surrounded by pretty girls. Coca-Cola made its presence felt, flaunting its “can art” and bright red trucks

Play time: Sunday afternoon at Borsheims was lively, with Buffett and Bill Gates playing Ping Pong against Olympic Table Tennis star Ariel Hsing 

Bridging through: Warren Buffett smiles while playing Bridge with Bill Gates, Sharon Osberg and others at Borsheims, a day after the Annual Meeting


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