Women of Worth 2017

The Newsmaker

After creating a niche for herself in broadcasting, Ritu Kapur is now taking the digital world by storm 

Vishal Koul

The Quint’s newsroom on the eighth floor of BGR Towers in Noida is brimming with energy. The youthfulness is quite palpable — scattered bean bags, funky wall decors, colours thrown everywhere. A very young editorial crowd is busy at their desks, which are placed in a zigzag arrangement. Some can be spied in the conference hall shooting a news video on a mobile. Scurrying amidst all this is a 50-year-old  full of vigour and enthusiasm. She is the kind who worries about running out of tissue papers in the cafeteria and creating different types of news content at the same time. She loves re-decorating spaces, and The Quint’s office design bears her signature. But Ritu Kapur is more than all that. She is not the just the co-founder of The Quint, she is its life and soul.