Women Of Worth 2015

Offbeat chronicler

Tara Books’ founder Gita Wolf explains why the credit for the growth of her international publishing business goes to collective action

RA Chandroo

Pinned to an adult-sized softboard on the first floor of Tara Books’ high-ceilinged, roomy Book Building in Chennai’s Thiruvanmiyur suburb — a short walk from cultural centre Kalakshetra — is a birthday message. Sharing space with postcards, photographs and other memorabilia, the A4 sheet boldly declares ‘THE ADVANTAGES OF BEING A WOMAN PUBLISHER’. Among other noteworthy points are ideas such as ‘not being moved by competitive envy’, ‘knowing your career is not dependent on age’, ‘not having to exercise power arbitrarily’, ‘being able to live in creative peace’ and, most of all, ‘not having to be one of the boys’.