Where the rich are investing - 2019

Where are India's ultra-rich investing?

Gold and real estate remain the favourite assets of the rich in India, but they have also found alternate ways of investing

Published 5 years ago on Nov 26, 2019 1 minute Read

Dalal Street may have had a bumpy ride in FY19, but that didn’t stop Indians from investing in the equity market. Agreed, the numbers did not dazzle as they did in the previous year, but direct equity investments still saw a 6.39% growth. Indians continued to prefer financial assets to physical ones. Amongst the latter, gold still popped up as our best friend; it never gets old. Over 48% invested in the yellow metal, which has remained the best indicator of wealth in the country, with brides marrying in an armour of gold. Real estate has also retained its value as a secure asset, with over 44% individuals choosing to put their money in property. In total, individual wealth grew to a whopping Rs430 trillion this year. Clearly, we are ringing in more than just bling.

Find out how they stack up and how they splurge.