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GSK Velu

Trivitron Group's MD wants to leverage his expertise in healthcare to fund disruptive ideas in that space

Published 7 years ago on Nov 24, 2015 2 minutes Read
RA Chandroo

GSK Velu calls himself a parallel entrepreneur rather than a serial one, given that he now straddles four businesses- — medical technology company Trivitron Healthcare, eye care company Maxivision and his dental and dialysis joint ventures with Apollo Hospitals — at the same time. He recently sold his 37% stake in Metropolis Laboratories, a diagnostics chain, for ₹900 crore-1,000 crore after a boardroom tussle with his co-founders. “Out of the five companies I was involved in, Metropolis is my first exit after an 18-year involvement. Such long-term commitments always give you the best returns,” says the founder and managing director of the Trivitron Group of companies. Velu now plans to set up a family office with a corpus of ₹500 crore by January 2016 to invest in businesses that require early-stage (₹1 crore-5 crore) and growth (₹20 crore-50 crore) capital, and which will be run by a team of professionals.