The Power of I 2014

Tailor-made success

Orient Craft, now one of India’s largest garment exporters, rose phoenix-like from the ashes of a failed business

Vishal Koul

Here’s an interesting story. It starts with a young man who grows up on a farm and then travels the world. A casual meeting with a friend when he’s in his 20s leads him to venture into business on a lark. It clicks and he enters the big bad world of business, defying his parents and turning his back on the family farm and a possible career in law. Surprise — he’s an instant success and it’s champagne parties and fast cars all the way. Until one day, when the house of cards comes crashing down and the young man loses everything. More determined than ever before to succeed, he pulls himself up by the bootstraps and gets back into business. A few years later, our older and wiser protagonist is once again a roaring success.