The Outperformers 2014

Bring out the bitumen

A large road order pipeline and its selective bidding process are taking the company miles ahead of competition

Published 7 years ago on Dec 26, 2014 10 minutes Read
Soumik Kar

Like hundreds of enterprising entrepreneurs before him, Vishnubhai Patel started off his journey in the world of business not with a flash-bang start-up launch but through the failsafe but predictable route of joining his family business. The training and business insights he received during his time at Bhavna Construction seem to have paid off, however, given the success of the company Patel went on to launch nearly three decades ago — Sadbhav Engineering. Now among India’s most successful engineering and infrastructure construction companies, Sadbhav Engineering operates in three key segments — road construction, irrigation and mining. Apart from its dominance in the road sector, where it undertakes cash contracts, Sadbhav has emerged as one of the largest build-operate-transfer (BOT) players in the country.