The Berkshire Special 2018

The ever-evolving Mr. Buffett

The Oracle of Omaha’s journey has been one of continuous transformation

Chomp chomp chomp went the two wise men over peanut brittle and Coke. Not exactly what your doctor would approve if you were 87 and your best friend 94. In fact, the Berkshire movie this year even made fun of Charlie Munger, timing him as he struggled with opening a box of See’s peanut brittle. An earlier version of the movie in 2013 featuring a spoof of Breaking Bad had Munger going, ‘Brittle, bitches!’ in homage to Jesse Pinkman. This time around Warren himself was in the act, poking fun at Munger and opening a See’s box in a jiffy, no sooner had they settled down. His antics apart, shareholders love Warren Buffett for the millions he has made them but on the day of the annual meeting, he is more of a teacher than legendary investor. He has always wanted to be one and he is indeed.