Techtonic 2018

Beginning Of A New Culture

Pandorum’s ability to 3D print human tissues is a boon for medical research

Deepak G Pawar

As one enters the quaint and abundantly green campus of the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) in north Bengaluru, it feels like the clock has slowed down. Among the open green spaces and bushes dotted with academic and residential buildings, one can spot a few birds not commonly seen in cities. As I sip coffee, a baby mantis nonchalantly hops across my table. After a hot cuppa, I find myself making my way through the lush green 20-acre campus. “We could have a taken a shorter route that way,” says Siva Sankar Nanda pointing towards a thicket. “Yes, if you want to get bitten by snakes,” retorts Dr Vanita Rao. Nanda and Rao are scientists working at a five-year-old incubatee, Pandorum Technologies, inconspicuously tucked in a corner of the NCBS. Pandorum has been using the shared facilities provided by the centre, including its research lab and equipment, to demonstrate innovation that’s one of a kind.