State of the Economy 2019

Engineered for gains

Coimbatore, the MSME hub of South India, is banking on improving internal efficiencies for a better FY20

Photographs by RA Chandroo

With over 12,000 small and medium manufacturers, Coimbatore is definitely a hub for MSMEs in South India. Catering to various industries such as textiles, automobiles, engineering and pumps among others, the MSMEs provide employment to 1.4 million people. Entrepreneurship is the default choice in Coimbatore where people often choose to start their own business after a few years of work experience. But for the past couple of years, MSMEs have been battling one storm after the other. First it was demonetisation, then came GST. While both managed to dent overall business sentiment, MSMEs are now working on making their business models more resilient to external shocks.