State Of The Economy 2016

Business as usual

Rising demand and profitability have improved matters for Pune's food processing units 

photographs: Soumik Kar

It took a lot of trials for BS Thube to find his niche. From working in a tailor’s shop to accounting to reviving a tutti-frutti factory that had gone bust, venturing into tomato sauces, custards, baking powder, Thube finally hit it off with jams. Today, his venture Quality Foods Products supplies jams to all bakeries in Pune. Based in Pune’s food processing cluster, with revenues of Rs.50 lakh, the company also manufactures pickles and squashes. But, Thube says, it hasn’t been an easy ride with the myriad issues facing the industry. He flags quality labour as the most pressing one. “Locals throw tantrums, don’t want to work, don’t have the skills and demand higher wages compared to outsiders. I had to shut down a plant for a year-and-a-half due to labour issues,” he adds.