State Of The Economy 2014

Playing catch up

The worst year in a decade for the auto sector has cast a shadow on units in Pithampur

Photographs by Bhupinder Singh

It’s a scene straight out of a Transformers movie. Lined up outside an office building is a row of massive, bright yellow vibratory compactors and backhoe loaders with their huge black jaw buckets extended, as if an Autobot-Decepticon battle of epic proportions is about to commence. But these are just simple road rollers and excavators and Pithampur is actually very peaceful, a smiling Sunil Kalyankar assures us. “I have worked in Gurgaon-Manesar in the past. This is a much calmer place — unrest is unimaginable here,” says the head of manufacturing HR, Case Construction, which makes these beasts here at Pithampur, in the heart of Madhya Pradesh.