Silicon Valley's Hottest Innovations 2016

The Space Rider

With its affordable launch system, Rocket Lab is poised to make the most of the growing small satellite space

Photographs by Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab - Company DetailsGrowing up in a family of engineers, Peter Beck’s fascination with space started when he was a kid. He would accompany his dad who was the museum director at the Southland Museum for meetings where they discussed space and telescopes, most of it went over his head but he was hooked. So much so, he even built his own telescope. Rather than going academic and opting for a university degree, Beck preferred to learn engineering by getting his hands dirty first in his family’s garage by building go-karts and tinkering around with cars. He moved to Dunedin in 1995 for an apprenticeship at Fisher & Paykel where he built a rocket bike that went from zero to 140 kmph in less than five seconds.