Silicon Valley's Hottest Innovations 2016

Going for Broke

With its free trading app, Robinhood wants to take the game away from fat cat brokers in the US

Dawid Bilski

Robinhood - Company DetailsIf there is one thing that the list of investors in Palo Alto-based start-up Robinhood doesn’t lack, it is star power. Snoop Dogg, Jared Leto, Nas, Linkin Park, Aaron Levie along with institutional investors such as CapitalG, Andreessen Horowitz and NEA among others are some of the coolest names in Hollywood and Silicon Valley that are backing the company. So, what does Robinhood do that got them all excited? It has built an app that makes the stock market more accessible to everyone in the US by making investing easy and commission-free. A year and a half into its launch, it has over a million users and has handled more than $12 billion in transactions. Not only that, anyone around the world will be able to trade in US stocks as and when Robinhood hits their shores. For now, the three-year-old startup’s first stop outside the US is China.