Outstanding Women

Off-Beat Realtor

 Tara Singh Vachani, Max group chairman Analjit Singh's youngest daughter, is treading the untrodden path by venturing into the senior living space  

Photograph by Vishal Koul

“When I was 17, I lived in France as a part of my break year. I decided to buy my first designer bag,” smiles Tara Singh Vachani, the founder and managing director of Antara – a residential community for senior living and the youngest daughter of Max group’s Analjit Singh. Continuing her story, she says, “I bought a bag that cost around €300-400. When they saw the transaction, my parents called me immediately and gave me a lecture about how spending so much was not the culture of the family. They took away my credit card and said, 'Now you only get pocket money, you have to make smart choices within that'.”