Meet the Parents 2018

Resolute Guardians

Dr Joy & Dr Margi Desai were determined that their kids inherit the ambitious gene

Soumik Kar

It isn’t every day that one gets treated like “royalty” and when Dr Joy Desai was the recipient of special attention on-board a Mumbai-bound flight from London, he missed no chance to enjoy it while it lasted. Of course, the only reason for the attention was his co-passenger, a six-and-a-half-month-old infant that gave everyone the impression he was a single parent. So much so that a passenger even inquired the whereabouts of his wife. “I was tempted to say that she left,” laughs the 54-year-old neurologist of the episode back in 1999 whereby his wife Margi, stayed home to work on a research paper. Things have only improved significantly for the doctor couple as they hired help much later. However, the journey of two ambitious professionals, who were just learning the ropes of the parenting game while shuttling between cities and doing it by themselves, makes for a fascinating story.