India's Best Fund Managers 2018

“The stock market is cyclical in nature. You can’t stick to one style and continue to do well”

IDFC Mutual Fund's Anoop Bhaskar on how his investing style has evolved over the years

Soumik Kar

It has been 14 years since Anoop Bhaskar starting managing a public fund. Over the years, he has had several hits and some misses. But he has taken everything in his stride and picked up valuable lessons from his mistakes. For instance, Bhaskar is now focusing on emerging themes within the financial space as he doesn’t want to repeat the mistake of missing out on housing finance companies when they were being discovered by the market. He has taken bets on small finance banks, newly-listed banks, insurance companies and expects asset management companies to also do well. Over the past 10 years, Bhaskar has been among the top fund managers in the country. He has built an enviable track record by finding opportunities in sectors and stocks that others have overlooked. Over his long journey as a fund manager, the market has seen several changes and Bhaskar has been equally nimble, which has helped his fund consistently outperform. Currently managing assets worth Rs.9,960 crore at IDFC AMC, Bhaskar shares the secret sauce behind his consistent track record.