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Sanjay Rawat


Hunting ground
The nation's millennials have been infected with the Pokemon Go fever even before its official release

If youngsters weren’t into their smartphones already, augmented reality game Pokemon Go has turned them into wanderers, roaming the streets in search of characters like Squirtle, Charmander, Wigglytuff among others. The game, which involves capturing these creatures and training them for battle has spread like wildfire worldwide, with millions of downloads. So much so that the University of Idaho has added it to its course under ‘Pop Culture Games’ and athletes in Rio are complaining about the absence of Pokemons to capture. And while the game is yet to reach India officially, you can still find virtual hunters on the street here, with one Ahmedabad teen landing in the police station after being reported by residents. The one good thing to come out of the craze though might be growing fitness levels as they search nook and crannies of the localities never ventured before!

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