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Suspended fortunes

The ₹300 crore riding on actor Salman Khan in celebrity endorsements and film productions is safe, for now

When a solemn Salman Khan walked out of court on May 6, the judgment was clear — the actor was found convicted of all charges, including culpable homicide, in a hit-and-run case going back to 2002. The charge was that a drunk Khan, who was allegedly at the wheel of his Land Cruiser, crashed onto the pavement in front of a Bandra bakery, killing one person and injuring four others. If Khan and his family looked harried, the producer fraternity was equally worked up. Two films with a total budget of ₹200 crore starring the actor are in the final stages of production. With his last five films striking it big at the box office, Khan is among the most bankable stars in Bollywood today. Another ₹100 crore is riding on brands -— everything from biscuits to footwear — endorsed by the actor. But with his sentence being suspended by the high court on May 8 and a decision on his appeal being postponed till July, the actor is out on bail and his financiers can breathe easy, at least for now.