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Help on two-wheels

First responders in Chennai will now zoom to road accidents on the 41 fully kitted out two-wheelers that the Tamil Nadu government has purchased

Published 7 years ago on Mar 29, 2016 1 minute Read
Photograph by RA Chandroo

This policy move might have Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa’s now-(in)famous mug duly stamped across it as always, but this time, the cause almost justifies the means. The state government recently inaugurated 41 two-wheeler ambulances in Chennai to provide immediate first aid to the victims of road accidents. To be stationed at major junctions across the state capital, the ambulances are meant to complement the services rendered by the larger set of four-wheeler ambulances in the city. Purchased at a cost of ₹70 lakh, the vehicles boast of portable oxygen cylinders, pulsoxymeters, digital thermometers, BP apparatus and glucometers and will be piloted by medical professionals. The plan, state officials say, is to eventually expand these services to other cities. Given how many lives are lost on the country’s roads every day, this is one service where the political branding might not rankle as much.