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Graphically Speaking

Make Way For The Machines
How artificial intelligence just might replace you at your workplace

It’s a ‘cell’ out!

India has emerged as a forerunner in adoption of mobile commerce as compared to rest of the world

JAN 15 , 2020

Virtual trading

The world may be shrinking but global trade is tilting in favour of services, from manufacturing

JAN 02 , 2020

Big data, bigger worry

While data explosion is a reality, our privacy laws are far from comforting

OCT 22 , 2019

Greener Pastures

China and India are leading the way in increasing ‘greening on land’, but it's not as rosy as it seems

SEP 25 , 2019

Zero Torque

The auto slowdown has victims across the dealer and brand spectrum

SEP 16 , 2019

Work In Progress

India’s tech capital is growing to become a major force in the overall global start-up ecosystem

AUG 21 , 2019

On The Grid

Renewed governmental interest and private sector investment has brought back the spotlight on solar-based mini grids

AUG 07 , 2019

Bots at work

Bots may soon take India’s jobs in outsourcing. A report warns of a “digital disorder”

JUL 25 , 2019

Coded Ambition

As organisations and brands aspire to make more data-driven decisions, India’s advanced analytics talent pool is set to explode.

JUL 11 , 2019

An Upskill Task

A technological revolution is here, but Indians lack the skills to reap its rewards

JUN 07 , 2019

Too Good To Last

GST collections in FY19 ended on a strong note, but it is unlikely to sustain the momentum in FY20

MAY 03 , 2019

Losing battle

Public sector banks make little of the credit growth seen in the MSME segment over the past five years

APR 11 , 2019

It’s gushing and how

After a record CY18, PE flows surpass $10 billion in just three months of the current calendar year

APR 04 , 2019

The Good Samaritan

India Inc spend on social responsibility crosses ₹500 billion in four years

MAR 14 , 2019

The king of remit

India continues to be the biggest recipient of remittances, though inflows see muted growth

NOV 28 , 2018

Flying into the red

Airlines lost money in Q2FY19 even though traffic is at an all-time high

NOV 22 , 2018

Lord Of The Rings

Chinese brands led by Xiaomi take a firm grip on India’s smartphone market

NOV 07 , 2018

Consumer E-Tales

Businesses are using digital reach to co-create products with customers

OCT 25 , 2018

Blowing Hot, Blowing Cold

FY19 may be the turnaround year for stressed steel assets

OCT 18 , 2018

Who’s the most patriotic of them all?

UK-based market research firm, YouGov, asked Indians which brands they thought were most patriotic

AUG 15 , 2018

Digital Rewards

Soaring digital growth has a lot in store for the media and entertainment industry

JUL 12 , 2018

The Fact Of The Mortar

All time high offline sales in the US are giving a hard time to the otherwise soaring e-tail market

JUN 19 , 2018

Are P2P lending platforms eating into banks’ pie?

P2P platforms are growing at a furious pace as banks become risk-averse towards small and medium enterprises

MAY 09 , 2018

Will Modicare bridge the healthcare gap?

How India’s public health expenditure still lags behind many other countries

APR 20 , 2018