Natco Pharma's new growth formula

The US market remains choppy but Natco Pharma is becoming a compelling bet by rebooting itself with a new strategy

RA Chandroo

If you had asked anyone a decade ago, “Where do you want to spend your vacation?” the answer would be “Paris” more often than not. It was a time when everyone — from new couples and families to young men and women — wanted to visit the ‘City of Lights, Love and Romance’. Today, there are way too many options for anyone with wanderlust. You can take your family of four for a week-long trip to Phuket, Budapest or Istanbul without burning a hole in your pocket. And just the way tourists are getting picky, Indian pharma companies are too, when it comes to their Paris — the US market — a destination that has been a mainstay for our drug companies for a very long time. But as competition intensifies, the market gets crowded, players consolidate, prices erode and the USFDA gets tough, drug makers are not looking at the US with the same zeal anymore.