Booster shot

Why Apollo Hospitals makes for a safe bet in the booming healthcare industry

RA Chandroo

It is unusual to hear the finance team in hospitals talk about medical outcomes. For doctors, medical outcome is the Holy Grail, while keeping a tight leash on costs is what finance guys do. But Suneeta Reddy, who spearheads the finance function as joint managing director of Apollo Hospitals, keeps telling her teams to focus on medical outcomes rather than worry about costs. “The Apollo model is built on clinical excellence. Without that, we would not have the pricing power or the volumes that have been essential drivers of our growth.” she says, sitting in her swanky office overlooking a terrace garden on the 12th floor of the new corporate office in Chennai. “There is a demand-supply gap but there are a number of hospitals coming up. The choice is with the customer and we want to ensure the decision tilts towards us by focusing on medical outcomes.” she says.