"Encourage employees to share their thoughts without any inhibition"

Rahul Agarwal, managing director of Lenovo India on ways to appreciate employee contribution

Published 5 years ago on Jul 23, 2015 Read
Location: Sofitel Mumbai BKC; Soumik Kar

Start at home: Behind every successful employee is a family, who has sacrificed family time and encouraged their growth. How about sharing a personalized thank you note or just organising a family day to acknowledge their indirect contribution to your business. Remember, ‘gratitude always begins at home!’

Adopt a ‘global-local’ culture: Hire people from diverse backgrounds and expose them to cross-cultural practices and experiences. This allows an organisation to implement best methodologies, while helping employees to achieve their goals and simultaneously complimenting organisation’s global business vision.  

Let them soar high: Acknowledge and appreciate your employee’s personal passions and endeavors in front of the team.  This way, they will know you care about their personal well-being.

Think flexibility: Remember that employees spend most of their time in office so it is important they feel an organisation is like a home away from home. Therefore, it is always good to offer flexibility in terms of a ‘dress code.’ When employees feel comfortable in what they are wearing, they tend to be happier and focus on ‘work’, rather than anything else.

Never stand still! Last but not the least, never stand still. Encourage employees to feel restless with ideas. Encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions without any inhibition even if it is not related to the department they work in. Let your employees know that the company will reward those who “never stand still!”


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