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"Celebrate small successes as well as the big ones"
Avinash Vashistha, CMD, Accenture, on how to keep employees motivated during tough times

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Skill-building programmes: Periodic skill-building programmes will inculcate and maintain within employees the zeal to learn. These also help in building positive perception and feelings about the organisation. 

Offer flexibility: Organisations should acknowledge the feelings of insecurity and anxiety that build up among employees during times of recession. Flexible timings will help them meet personal and family needs without interfering with work.

Clear and continuous communication: Organisations must communicate constantly with employees through e-mail, webinars, conference calls, newsletters and the intranet. Senior management should be visible, approachable and accessible so employees can voice their questions and concerns. This is crucial for alleviating stress and anxiety, and will prevent harmful speculation.

Show appreciation: Celebrate small successes as well as the big ones. Give praise and thanks for achievements at all times, not just at formal reviews. A pat on the back or a thank you by the coffee machine can make a person feel valued. In addition, perks and incentives for good work will encourage employees to give their best during difficult times.

Define goals and responsibilities: Senior management should focus on long-term goals of the organisation, while clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of the employees in achieving those goals. Aligning the workforce behind a strategic vision will ensure employees feel part of a team and contribute their best. 

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