"Be judicious of brand extensions as it can weaken a brand's core proposition"

Vasanth Kumar, executive director of Max Fashion on how to avoid branding mistakes

Published 3 years ago on Apr 28, 2017 Read
RA Chandroo

It’s all in the name: Usage of acronyms or difficult to comprehend names don’t enjoy high brand recall among customers. Brand name and logos which are simple, both visually and aurally get superior customer connect and retention.

Be wary of sub-branding: Unless it delivers superior value leveraging the flagship brand into a new price segment through sub-brands leads to the loss of focus. This, in turn, will make the main brand vulnerable to attack from established specialists.

Avoid extensions: Brand extension by getting into product categories for different customer segments weakens the core proposition, unless backed up by product uniqueness with a strong differentiation.

Let the brand evolve: Repeated brand awareness is not enough to ensure customer loyalty. It is also critical for the brand positioning to evolve, incorporating changing customer attitudes and technology trends.

Keep the brand alive: Mere brand positioning and presence in the media will never make a brand effective and endearing for a customer. A brand’s position has to be reinforced through better customer experiences and constant reinvention of products and services.


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