"The best innovation comes via feedback from an outsider"

Kojin Nakakita of Hitachi India on five ways to encourage innovation

Published 8 years ago on Nov 19, 2015 1 minute Read
Vishal Koul

Innovative mentors: Innovation flows from the top. Hence, it is imperative to promote innovation as a core competency for leaders in an organisation. These leaders in turn act as mentors who encourage critical thinking in their teams.

Link innovation to key values: An explicit message or company theme relating to innovation creates a robust ambience which flows through employees. For instance, our global theme is repeated across key messages to employees and customers.

Encourage diversity and conducive work culture: Creating teams with people from different cultural backgrounds, specialisations and passion allows people to foster different points of view and suggest out-of-the-box ideas. The key factor here is “respect” for different perspectives and the ability to draw learnings from each other’s experiences. A company must also hire people who are passionate to adapt and evangelise its culture and work ethic.

Showcase success: Companies must laud employees who have made a breakthrough innovation or contributed exceptional ideas. This promotes goodwill within employees and also encourages them to push themselves harder. Employees should believe that their innovation will be the most beneficial for their company

Outside perspective: Most of the time, the best innovation comes via feedback from a customer, vendor or any company outsider. Their opinions provide valuable insight on a company’s success and areas for improvement.