"Pursue a tangible activity outside work"

Gagan Banga of Indiabulls Financial Services offers advice on destressing

Published 10 years ago on May 24, 2014 1 minute Read
Soumik Kar

Pursue another monitorable activity: Having a tangible activity outside work can be immensely satisfying and help you balance work stress. I run, and the more competitive I become, the more effective it is as a stress-buster.

Travel: While some people like to visit undiscovered, out-of-the-way locales, I find it soothing to visit better developed cities, to learn how they have succeeded. It gives me an idea about how India can develop further.

Read: This is critical for entrepreneurs, who have to sell themselves more than their products. Read on diverse topics to improve knowledge and conversational ability.

Maintain financial discipline: You may feel you are letting profit opportunities go by, but that extra leverage may come back to haunt you. Raise capital when you get it, not when you need it. Nothing will make you more comfortable than financial security.

Invest in your family: They are the best support system you can ever find and spending time with your children is the best source of rejuvenation.