"Provide opportunities for employees to participate in strategic decision-making"

Quess Corp CMD Ajit Isaac on five ways to create a culture of empowerment

Published 6 years ago on Jun 06, 2018 1 minute Read
Deepak G Pawar

Define the organisational culture: The way a company works, reacts to situations, treats its people and decides what’s right and wrong in pursuit of its goals, defines the soul of the company. This is what influences the success of an organisation.

Invest in employee engagement: Provide opportunities for employees to participate in strategic decision-making. Whether it is by introducing open-door policies or hosting team-building activities, it ensures everyone feels responsible and excited about meeting their goals.

Develop customer-centric strategies: What the customer wants, they should get, whenever they want it. Empowered employees take decisions on the basis of perceived customer needs. Cash is a derivative of customer satisfaction, so don’t think about making money without satisfied customers.

Focus and act with speed: Earlier, most businesses were designed for mere efficiency which would sometimes lead to inadaptability. In order to compete and win in the rapidly changing business environment, the organisation must learn to quickly renew and focus only on goals considered key to creating value.

Encourage integrity and teamwork: For an organisation to remain successful, it must be built on a culture of integrity and teamwork. This instills trust in customers and employees alike. A history of meeting expectations creates an empowered culture where employees are inspired to follow leaders and customers remain loyal.