"Professional and personal growth is the biggest motivator"

Himanshu Jain, MD & VP, Indian sub-continent & South East Asia, Sealed Air, on five non-monetary incentives to boost employee performance

Published 7 years ago on May 24, 2017 1 minute Read

Create a learning environment: Mental simulation is what intelligent, ambitious employees seek. If the environment is devoid of those, it has the potential to distract and demotivate employees. So, give your best people the opportunity to access training materials, try their hand at new techniques, and practice advanced skills. Give them access to your most experienced leaders and mentors. 

Recognition: The trick lies in being genuine, equitable and fair without compromising on leveraging the essential differentiators that make for a great performance.

Autonomy & empowerment: Employees want clarity about what they need to do and the time-frame for the same. But when that’s settled, they want the freedom and independence to get the job done on their own. Both head space and time is a desired tool.

Space to grow: Professional and personal growth is the biggest motivator of all times and the best motivator. Have a defined career trajectory in place. 

Wellness: A place that ensures peace of mind can be a great driver for those determined to deliver. Only a mind at peace can be creative and we need the right brains to create and accelerate future success.