“Help people find the larger purpose and the means to achieve it will follow”

Kellogg MD, South Asia, Mohit Anand on five ways to build leadership in an organisation

Published 5 years ago on Jul 03, 2019 1 minute Read
Soumik Kar

Cultivate a growth mindset: Encourage your team to set stretch goals and inspire them to achieve those goals. This gets people to step out of their comfort zone and look at possibilities rather than limitations. It also builds a growth mindset that fosters a far greater commitment to achieve disruptive results.

Encourage risk taking: Urge teams to experiment and take smart risks. Share examples of effective and poor risk-taking. When a leader takes the onus of the business risk and encourages his team to focus on effective execution, it results in high ownership.

Ensure accountability: Placing accountability across all levels empowers employees. When employees see that everyone is held accountable, irrespective of designation, it boosts trust and confidence. Every member then tackles every business challenge as a personal responsibility.

Embrace diversity: Build a culture that goes beyond just diversity of gender — diverse mindsets should come together to achieve organisational goals. To facilitate this, encourage employees to undergo training to recognise and reduce unconscious bias at the workplace.

Fuel their passion: When individuals attach a personal meaning to the work they do, work becomes their passion. When you fuel their passion, you will unleash the potential to perform, learn and grow. Help people find the larger purpose and the means to achieve it will follow.