“Focus on a few deliverables rather than a laundry list of things”

Arvind Mediratta, CEO, Metro Cash & Carry India on five ways to create a culture of empowerment

Published 5 years ago on Mar 20, 2019 1 minute Read
Deepak G Pawar

Execute seamlessly: Excellence in execution makes all the difference between results and failure. Set stretch goals and lead the way with a winning mindset. Alongside this pursuit to win, it is equally critical to articulate the boundaries that employees should adhere to and operate within.

Set clear goals: What gets measured gets done. It is important to outline goals clearly that impact the business, and then periodically check progress. To effectively deliver, one should focus on a few deliverables rather than a laundry list of things.

Hire right, set them free: Pick the person with the right attitude for the job, and give them operational freedom. Motivate your workforce and give them the flexibility to take risk and learn from their mistakes. That creates fertile ground for outdoing targets and achieving higher goals. 

Empower and embolden: Encourage employees to think, act and behave like owners. Empower people to operate within the ethics and integrity norms of the company. Build a transparent performance-based culture wherein you encourage everyone to be a leader. 

Recognise and appreciate: Future-proof your organisation and create the next pool of leaders. It is important to acknowledge and reward people for successfully accomplishing their goals. Recognition of performers creates a sense of belonging and commitment towards the organisation.