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Edtech start-up Eupheus Learning is changing the way kids consume knowledge 

Vishal Koul

When 16th century writer, Roger Ascham penned the educational manual, The Schoolmaster, Eupheus was the Greek word used to describe one who actively seeks knowledge and is willing to learn. Fast forward to 2017 and our current education system makes the term redundant given the preference for rote learning. Attempting to apply the Elizabethan England handbook to digital India are the founders of Eupheus Learning.

Launched in June this year, the Delhi-based start-up develops hybrid solutions including texts, robots and digital material to seamlessly integrate in-class and at-home learning to make the educational process an interactive one. Offered on a subscription basis, these innovative solutions can be bought in bundles or separately. It has partnered with 11 international companies such as Sanako, Fiction Express, World Book and Robo Garden to curate edtech products. For instance, it offers to teach three to eight-year-olds how to code using UK-based Primo Toys’ solution that includes a robot, a wooden board and blocks. While it claims other start-ups mainly focus on math, it concentrates on promoting reading and writing languages as well.

“We offer solutions that are applicable at home as much as they are in the classroom, so there is no discontinuity in what is being learned,” explains Sarvesh Shrivastava, co-founder and MD. Currently with a 20-member core team and a 50-member sales team, it is in talks with around 6,000 schools across the country and hopes to convert at least 25% of them by the next year. From around 17 clients it has collected revenue of around Rs.45 lakh till date. Thus, by following age-old wisdom and adopting modern technology, this start-up wants every child to embody the spirit of Eupheus. 


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