Up, up and away

Corporates are slow in making boardrooms gender diverse but women leaders are pushing ahead


In the era of metoo, there is overwhelming proof that workplaces – urban and rural alike – are riddled with sexism. As is evidenced by the report released by CII – Indian Women Network (CII-IWN), bespoke strategies need to be constructed to deal with the challenges women professionals in India face. This extensive research project, titled “Success Strategies of Women Leaders” chronicled first-hand accounts of 50 C-suite women leaders – of whom, 84.62% were above the age of 50, and 92.59% held more than 15 years of work experience. All respondents acknowledged the existence of subtle to conspicuous forms of gender bias and misogyny, which slow women down in their career trajectory – sometimes in the most imperceptible manner. They also shared that the glass ceiling remains a reality.