Age no bar

Forget retirement communities in pristine surroundings. Integrated living is the new buzzword

RA Chandroo

Property developers who target young, nuclear families don’t know what they are missing. Senior living is a $25-billion industry globally and the US alone has over 2,000 housing projects catering to this community. Now, there’s a boom in this sector in India as well, albeit on a much smaller scale — according to some reports, there are already over 30 projects in the country exclusively for older people, with an equal number in the pipeline. Most of these projects are located outside smaller towns, in locales carefully selected for their salubrious climate and pollution-free surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. But there’s a flip side to so much peace and quiet — getting out can be a problem, finding help isn’t easy and seclusion can all too easily segue into loneliness and separation.