Big Idea

Yulu's last-mile mobility solution

Walking is tedious and short cab rides are tough to get. Yulu, with its shared bikes, offers the next ‘woke’ mode of transport

Living just a few kilometres away from a metro station or a bus depot is always a boon. It gives such joy, not having to shove your car into every space that opens up in a traffic jam or not having to dissolve into incoherent road rage. The bane, however, is that journey from home to the public transport hub. The shared auto stand is too far to walk to, and Ola or Uber booking makes no sense for just a one or two kilometre ride. You could take your vehicle, but the pain of finding a parking spot! Now, what if you could just hop on to a bicycle or a two-wheeler, waiting for you at a lot in your neighbourhood? It’s convenient and you get to brag about going green.