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Tailor On Call

Tech-Tailor gives you the right fit without the runaround

Soumik Kar

Premjeet Singh already had 22 years of experience in the apparel industry before he quit his job with a major brand to start something on his own. The problem was he did not know where to begin. For some time, he worked as a consultant for two firms and functioned as a buying house for small retailers.

Then, a chance meeting with an old friend gave rise to his online start-up Tech-Tailor, a website providing on-demand tailoring services for both men and women. Once its technician has collected the measurements, the fabric is passed on to one of the five workshops that it has a tie-up with and the stitched garment is delivered within 7 to 10 days. “We also have an express delivery service where we can get the garment ready within three days at an extra charge,” says Singh.

The Bangalore-based start-up has received seed funding of Rs.10 lakh from NSRCEL, the start-up hub at IIM Bangalore. “The concept is interesting because a customer is likely to pay a premium for convenience. Moreover, the garments are factory stitched and will have a better fitting than the local ones,” says Vrunda Bansode, consultant at NSRCEL.

Tech-Tailor has not limited itself to individuals and has tied up with corporate and academic institutions to help them with their uniforms. “We are revamping our website to expand the services to corporate and institutions on the website,” says Singh.

The start-up is looking to expand to Delhi and Mumbai in 2017. While it is also looking to automate body measurements, a measurement tape is Singh’s perpetual companion. “I carry this wherever I go. You never know where you will get a customer,” he grins.