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Reliably Clean

MyDidi empowers women from slums to become financially stable

Looking for a housemaid? MyDidi could be the answer to your search. Thanks to this Mumbai-based start-up, you can now access a ready-made list of trained women who can clean any messy space spick and span within minutes.

Co-founded by Sagar Sen, Jhonny Jha and Akshay Agarwal in October 2015, the objective is to help women from slums to become financially stable. “We wanted to do something for underprivileged women. We found that we could empower them to become professionals through training,” says Jha. 

Their focus on women, however, is not only due to social reasons says Agarwal. “Women are sincere in their work and they run the extra mile to ensure quality of service, unlike men,” he adds. 

MyDidi provides normal as well as deep cleaning services for domestic and commercial spaces. The services are pegged at Rs.149 for houses, Rs.199 for commercial spaces and at Rs. 249 for after-party cleaning (deep-cleaning) services. There is no minimum time restriction and the rates are charged to the minute required. The start-up earns Rs.8-10 lakhs per month.

With 120 women already on board, MyDidi completes 130-150 orders every day. Each Didi attends 3-5 orders a day earning a commission of Rs.60-90 per order, based on customer rating. “Each Didi will be rated on a five-pointer scale. Anybody with less than 3 points would be subjected to additional training,” explains Sen. The ratings are also listed on the site to help customers make their choice.

Currently, its services are available only in parts of Mumbai. “This is an on-demand, hyperlocal platform and the places are chosen in such a way that there is equal demand and supply. For example, Andheri and Powai consists of people belonging to both classes,” says Jha. The platform is planning to include cooking services and will also expand to Delhi and Bangalore soon.