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My Favourite

Harish Moolchandani
Beam India & Indian Sub Continent's CEO & MD on what he likes to pair his favourite whiskey with

Taneesha Kulshrestha

I love reading biographies. One that I have especially enjoyed reading in recent times is the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Jobs is a source of great inspiration. His zeal for perfection that revolutionised the perception of technology across the globe is legendary in itself. Isaacson has been successful in capturing the essence of Jobs’ personality in the book. 


I really relish spicy chicken tikka with my favourite whisky. The rich taste of scotch coupled with smokiness and aroma of tandoor, and accompanied by a spring onion salad, really makes a scrumptious experience for my taste buds.


Being a water-lover, I enjoy holidays on the coasts along the Indian Ocean. Water-sports in Maldives a huge attraction for my son, while the serene setting and the luxurious spas there provide a tranquil retreat for my wife and me. The combination of mouth watering cuisine, shopping destinations and a friendly population makes for the perfect family holiday experience.

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