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Picture perfect

Why settle for a smartphone camera lens when you can do so much more with a high-end camera

Life is nothing but a beautiful compilation of memories. Every memory takes you on a joyride of emotions and fills you up with nostalgia. But most of the times, it so happens that we fail to capture our perfect moments. Now, for those of you who find your high-end smartphone limiting, you can choose from a range of the most innovative and technologically advanced cameras. 

The world of DSLR cameras is incomplete without Canon. The Japanese imaging company's innovative technology coupled with the best of style makes it an ideal craving for photography fanatics. In its latest offering, Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark II represents the brand’s most coveted camera with the fastest autofocus and a continuous shooting speed. Priced at ₹455,995, this camera is suited to shoot under low light, at high ISO speeds in the range of 100-51,200 to give out the best of image quality. At 14 frames per second (fps), it has a 61-point autofocus system and an advanced subject-tracking technology to help you capture every single picture perfect moment, without missing out on a shot. Moreover, the camera has an in-built video recording capacity of 4K at up to 60 fps. Speaking of its exclusivity, Eddie Udagawa, vice-president, Canon India says, “The combination of speed, focusing accuracy, image quality and ruggedness make it highly suitable for high-end professional photographers. At the top level, photographers demand the best results and the EOS-1D X Mark II is designed to exceed their expectations.” 

Not too far on the list is Nikon’s latest offering for budding photographers. The Nikon D5 is a full-frame DSLR meticulously designed with the perfect autofocus, metering and image processing. If you ever had to compromise on capturing your pictures due to poor light, this camera bids helps address all lighting woes. It allows for shooting in low light all the way till ISO 102,400, expandable to an unheard of ISO 3,280,000. It also has a precise auto-focus, regardless of your subject’s speed or direction. Priced at ₹445,950, the camera features an exceptionally sharp viewfinder image, stable even during 12 frames per second high-speed continuous shooting. Sajjan Kumar, senior vice-president, corporate sales and strategy, Nikon India, says that the camera is for adventure-lovers, who won’t take no for anything. But won’t that be a risky proposition then for adventurists to carry around such an expensive gadget? “The camera is built to take a knock, a drop or a flying rock kicked up from a dirt-bike, thus ensuring that it stays intact and the user doesn’t have to worry about it,” he explains.

Another Japanese brand, Sony’s A99 II from its Alpha series has been at the helm of its innovation phase. The camera bears a newly designed grip, a magnesium alloy body equipped with a dual SD card slot and other upgrades that improve both hold and its operation quality. It is both dust and moisture resistant and can be used in the toughest and most challenging shooting conditions. Priced at ₹249,990, it allows for high-speed shooting up to 12 fps and an internal video recording of 4K for ultimate high resolution video and is capable of recording high quality footage at 100Mbps so that your memories are retained at the best probable quality. So, what makes this particular offering by Sony better than the other DSLRs in the market? “The camera has a newly developed ‘Phase Detection’ auto-focus system with a 4D focus,” says Hiroyuki Tokuno, business head, digital imaging, Sony India.

Still feeling nostalgic about those special memories? Its time you re-create them with a high-end camera lens.