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No Precious Stone Unturned

Elevate your special day to become an astounding affair with fine jewellery labels  

Weddings are quite democratic, unfortunately. Almost everybody gets to appear, by turns, like a king or a queen (or prince or princess, depending on what you think is grander) and its adoring audience. No matter what class, religion or community you belong to, you hold court for that one, and hopefully only, special day. So how do you make a day that is by itself special, even more so, and elevate it to a grandiose and astounding affair towering above that of all the others?

If wedding dresses and the actual event with all its accompanying rituals and traditions come to mind, these are passing things that will likely fade away – one in its actuality, the other in memory. What will stay put is something expensive on which a rare stone is set in, that will forever be a keepsake – like wedding jewellery. If you are truly committed to it, you should leave no precious stones unturned in making your day breathtakingly fabulous. To help you out with this are a few luxury wedding jewellery brands.

Take for instance Jaipur Jewels’ Myga collection that would set you back by Rs.50 lakh. Appropriated from Greek, the word Myga means fly. “Our collection uses wings as a visual to reveal the starting point of a bride’s journey. It symbolises freedom and the power to rise high,” says Sarika Naheta, director, Jaipur Jewels. Sure enough, delicate wings appear as a motif in their designs. Their winged bracelet features a setting of black and white diamonds in matte gold. Then there is its emerald diamond necklace that has an intricate winged design complete with a 46-carat suspended emerald drop.

If delicacy and femininity are more appealing, Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers’ bridal collection might be for you. For the brand, luxury is something like a mindset. There is a twirling quality to their necklaces that is asymmetrical in a harmonious way. The designs of their jhumkas may be traditional, but they are cut innovatively in refined, charming motifs. “Our bridal collection is the perfect embodiment of the feminine spirit, stunningly luxurious with a subtle and elegant touch to make the bride feel and look special,” says Rajesh Tulsiani, co-director, Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers. Their collection could cost you anywhere between Rs.10-Rs.60 lakh. 

Since marriage counts as one of the most important events in any culture, it would be remiss to doubt the market for wedding jewellery. But how good is the market for high-end bridal collections? Says Tulsiani, “In India, the luxury jewellery retail market is growing at an annual pace of about 20%. The rising popularity of distinct designs that reflect ones personality has increased the demand of luxury and couture jewellery.” So, go ahead take your pick from these luxury labels that combine traditional designs with modern aesthetics