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A peek into the luxury interior designs that will jazz up your home

Amara Interiors

Your dream home is ready and all it needs is that perfectly designed interior to transform your ‘house’ into a cozy ‘home’. Be it ethnic, contemporary, retro, classical, or minimalist- you name it and lo! The luxury interior designing market will bring to your doorstep the ultimate, exquisite and custom made services that lighten up not only the interiors but also your mood.

While crafting plush designer sofas, providing exclusive lighting, and specially designed wallpapers to match the style and colour of the house have formed the basic arena of interior design, the market now has a luxurious variety in terms of design to cater to your needs of exclusivity. You can now choose from among a wide range of unique and classic, archetypal styles for your home that reflect your interests. The furniture and artifacts can then be customised as per your chosen theme to complement the luxurious set up, your dream home can witness. All this and many more special features are out there to make your cozy little home your favourite destination.

For those book lovers who crave for that perfect setting to read and unwind under the shadow of nature, amidst the hullabaloo of the city, interior designers make this a living reality by carving bookshelves in the shape of a tree with matching wallpapers along with it. For those who love to travel back in time, scenes drawn from the legends would be inlaid in the artifacts inspired from the classical Moroccan style or the Victorian style. For those quirky lovers, a TV cabinet with an aquarium backed to it is designed. Along with the artistically adorned houses, accessibility is the new thing in. Easy access to plug points near the seating arrangements is some of the new trends that are inculcated. According to Robben Chopra, principal designer, Verve Interio, “Designs not only have to beautify the house but also has to be functional.”

Verve Interio has catered to some of the most unique and exquisite custom designing demands. Chopra recalls one such setup wherein he designed the lounge of a mansion in such a way that the client could park his sports car privately in his lounge and not at the common parking space, that cost just about Rs.3 lakhs. For further customisation of services, designers hunt for that perfectly fabricated décor that is unique to every single home, just to ensure that no two homes are designed in a similar fashion.

For a cozy, comfortable yet plush seating experience, cushions and carpets made of horse-hair and cheetah skin costing Rs.20 lakhs can give you that exquisite good night’s sleep. All this, with luxury carpets and cushions could set you back by Rs.2 crores for an average dimension of 9,000 sq. ft. mansion. “The soft velvet carpets which give a royal look are an all time characteristic of luxury interior designing,” says Simmi Trivedi, principal designer, Amara Interiors.

It is not that the designers stick to one particular theme while designing. A perfect blend of global and traditional ethnic style inspired by Indian culture can adorn your home. Shabnam Gupta, principal designer, The Orange Lane, who is known for Indian quirkiness blended with contemporary style in her designs, procures materials from different parts of the country. “We use materials like decorative pillars, old fort doors, console table, old wooden ceilings, decorative lights, sculptures and columns brought from various parts of India to ensure the authenticity,” she says. One of her projects included musical instruments with floral designs carved on the pillars and doors to give a royal look to the puja room, with the decorative lights adding to its beauty. This traditional interior setup would cost you around Rs.3 crores for an average area of 18,000 to 21,000 square feet.

The Indian market in luxury interior designing has been growing phenomenally. “When people are ready to spend Rs.30-40 crores on the overall cost of house, they do not mind spending another Rs.4-5 crores on plush interiors,” says Chopra.

Looking around for what’s missing in your home? Its time you fix an appointment with that luxury designer.