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Move over the 'idiot-box'. It's time to make way for these Smart TVs by Bang & Olufsen, LG and Samsung

What was once the famous 'idiot box' is now the very popular, yet high-end 'smart television'. What once thrilled us seeing other worlds and stories, is now an item to worship. The telly has come a long way – from General Electric creating the Octagon in 1928 merely as an experimental design, to the 21st century when television sets have evolved into sleek smart devices.

One such TV is the BeoVision Avant by Bang & Olufsen, powered by the Android TV platform that provides an Ultra-High definition (4K TV) viewing experience and incredible flexibility. This model, defined as a “celebration of movement”, offers flexibile sets that can be mounted on the wall, kept on the table and placed on a floor stand. The 85 inch set costs Rs.30 lakh, but the prices vary as per the size of the TV set. This particular state-of-the-art TV also includes a speaker system that harnesses tweeters, three mid-range units and two powerful bass drivers. “The television automatically adjusts the picture and allows you to optimise your viewing experience for advance gaming or for watching your favourite film,” says Niels Moller Nielsen, managing director of expansion markets, Bang & Olufsen. The TV comes with a high-grade anti-reflection coating on the front and rear surfaces of the glass and a remote based on Bluetooth technology. Its one-touch access truly ensures a “cinematic experience” for viewers.  

While Bang & Olufsen focuses on flexible design and audio, Samsung’s latest QLED television set is all about the quantum dot technology. It presents colours in all their acute vibrancy and achieves a 100% colour volume — the highest in the market today, earning accreditation from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), one of Europe’s largest technical-scientific associations. “The 55+ segment is the fastest growing segment, with a growth rate of over 30%. With the launch of the QLED, we will be creating a new market and growing the segment further,” says Rajeev Bhutani, vice president, consumer electronics business, Samsung India. The QLED TV series in India includes five models available in screen sizes ranging from 49-inch to 88-inch, with a price range of Rs.3,14,900 to Rs.24,99,900. In terms of design, the no gap wall-mount and the optional easel-like studio stand light up the aesthetics of your home. Additional features like an invisible cable connection and the Samsung One remote add to the viewing experience. Fusing a slim, sleek and premium metal body with a nearly bezel-less display, QLED TVs set the tone for exceptional sophistication.

Like Samsung, hoping to provide an unparalleled viewing experience is LG Electronics with its latest range of OLED TVs. Currently they have five models like ranging from Rs.3.25 lakh to Rs.30 lakh. With its focus on simplicity and perfection, the OLED is a perfect blend of outstanding picture and sound quality provided by Dolby VisionTM, Dolby Atmos®, color Science Expertise by Technicolor. Younchul Park, director, home entertainment, LG Electronics India, says, “Our newly launched range of OLED TVs is a testimony to our commitment of bringing top-of-the-line products and services to our users in India. With the unique and compelling revolutionary technology in the LG OLED TV range, the company has paved a way for the field of smart technology.” Some additional features that make the OLED range unique include the Active HDR, which processes pictures frame-wise while inserting dynamic metadata when needed. They also have a special Magic Remote that provides intuitive navigation with scroll, gesture and voice commands.

With these high end television sets adorning your house, you will be guaranteed the best of aural and visual entertainment experiences.