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Glamour In The Skies

Embraer Executive Jets designed by Eddie Soto is bringing back the opulent Art Deco era of the '20s and '30s 

Published 6 years ago on Feb 10, 2018 3 minutes Read

We speak to Jay Beever in Florida, vice president of Interior Design for Brazilian-based global aviation company Embraer Executive Jets, about their two new private jets, both design and tech marvels.

Why did you decide to channel Manhattan and Hollywood during the 1920s and ‘30s in your latest design concepts?
A friend of mine in Laguna Beach, CA, John Erdman, exposed me to the design and history of the SS Normandie, a French ocean liner, while we were having coffee one morning. Sadly, this amazing ocean liner capsized in New York while being retrofitted as a US troop ship during WWII. To say the least, I immediately fell in love with its Art Deco and Streamline Moderne interior design and the influences it had on Art Deco for decades to come. This made me think of the wealth of Art Deco and Moderne styles and architecture here in the US, which spawned the idea of the ultimate charter aircraft experience. I immediately reached out to Eddie Sotto (former Disney imagineer) for his Art Deco and Streamline Moderne expertise and hired him to help us on this unique project. We conceived two sister airships which not only celebrate the Art Deco history of Manhattan and Hollywood architecture but also deliver the ultimate flight experience.

How was the Manhattan Airship were inspired by the Empire State Building?
The metallic entry mural and the use of intarsia are reminiscent of the stunning mural in the lobby of the iconic skyscraper, and the Cloud Club Bar was inspired by the Chrysler Building. The large bar lounge window was inspired by the Jean Michel Frank furniture and interiors found in Manhattan. 

How are the two concepts different?
Hollywood is inspired by black and white film, specifically the MGM look. Manhattan is inspired by the SS Normandie or the furniture styles of Ruhlmann. Additionally, like many of the reliefs found on the walls and social spaces of the SS Normandie, we added a mural that tells a story in the headliner and sidewalls of the first three cabin zones of the Hollywood Airship. These 3D sculpted leather reliefs celebrate the history of Hollywood and pay homage to the Sunset Tower, Howard Hughes’ aircraft and some famous automobiles marking the streets of Hollywood in the 1930’s.

Tell us about the planes’ technology.
Seating up to 19 passengers, the Lineage 1000E features five cabin zones, with multiple cabin configuration options. The optional master suite features a stand-up, two person shower and bed. In the rear of the aircraft, the Crystal Room is meant for either dining or crew seating, for six.

Standard galley features include cold and hot water, ice drawer, refrigerator/wine chiller, coffee brewer/expresso machine, microwave ovens, and space to hold food and drink.   

The Lineage 1000E has the largest in-flight baggage compartment in business aviation (323 cubic feet).

An intuitive cockpit, with the quiet and dark philosophy common to all Embraer Executive Jets, gives pilots comfort and easy access to all systems and controls. The Honeywell Primus Epic avionics suite reduces pilot workload. A fly-by-wire control system provides total envelope protection, preventing the pilot from making control commands that exceed the jet’s operational limits.  And Embraer’s Enhanced Vision System (E2VS) for superior situational awareness is available as an option.

The Lineage 1000E’s standard and optional in-flight connectivity features include broadband high-speed data for full Internet access worldwide, as well as 5 in-flight phones with cordless handsets, iPod docks, optional printer and fax machine, and a dedicated side-facing work area. With 100 percent digital high-definition media input, passengers have access to all of their entertainment while flying at 41,000 ft.

What is the cost of the planes?
Pricing has not been finalized, due to the possibilities in execution and function. However, the list price for the Lineage 1000E is $53 million, and the exotic interior configurations can go for as much as $30 million.