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Crystal Clear

Luxury chandeliers can add some twinkle and shine to your interiors

Showsun Lighting

Bold and timeless, the shining crystals draw your attention the moment you step inside. Chandeliers for long have been used to define luxury, be it in palaces, villas, hotels and even theatre productions to recapture the grandeur of the era gone by. Or as British author Peter York puts it, “Chandeliers are marvels of drop-dead showiness, the jewellery of architecture.”

Customised high-end chandeliers are now upping the luxury quotient even further. With each part handcrafted to give that perfect finish and look, the prices for these jeweled pieces can go up to Rs.13 crore. Everything from the crystal beads that link to the main ring to get the desired shape to the colour and size can be tinkered with to complement the interiors and décor.

While the starting price is Rs.1 crore, the tag depends on the size and quality of the crystal used. Egyptian brand Asfour, among the most expensive crystal manufacturers in the world, and Swarovski crystals are used to build up these chandeliers, holding up true to the idiom ‘crystal clear’. For example, a drop down chandelier that covers three to four stories in a mall may cost between Rs.2.5 to 6 crore.

“The crystal is clear throughout it’s lifespan and ends only when you break it,” says Linda Liu, sales head, Showsun Lighting, China, which manufactures and exports luxury chandeliers to different parts of the world. It has catered to 220 such orders in India alone. “The demand for luxury chandeliers, especially in commercial spaces has been increasing. A trend has been set with the influence of contemporary art across the world,” says Liu.

The entire process to manufacture a chandelier of this kind though varies between twenty to forty days as it is highly intricate work. Ayush Jain, director, Jainsons Emporio says, “The craftsmen’s rich aesthetic sense and love for work is what makes it possible to create such beautiful pieces of art.” Jainsons Emporio is known for supplying high-end Moroccan style of chandeliers.

The company sources these from popular chandelier manufacturers such as Cangini & Tucci and Sylcom from Italy, and Iris Crystal Bohemia from Spain, with the pieces costing anywhere between Rs.2-4 crore. The thing about the Moroccan style of chandeliers, known for its retro designs, is that the design never goes out of style.

Habib Khan, director, Nice Lamps agrees, saying, “The retro style of chandeliers never runs out of fashion. It’s more relevant now. In fact, the older it gets, the better it is.”

Khan’s Nice Lamps in Delhi is the most well known homegrown manufacturer of luxury chandeliers. The company is working on its most expensive project right now, which might net it up to Rs.2 crore. Catering to the niche since three decades, Nice Lamps’ chandeliers adorn the ceilings of many prominent government buildings including Rashtrapati Bhavan and Hyderabad House.

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