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Look no further than these sofas to cosy up your living space

Believe it or not, but the living room plays a very important role. It's where you gather after a long day, to catch up with your family, and meet-and-greet your guests. When it comes to decorating, if comfort is on the top of your list, these seating arrangements are a must-have.

Delhi-based Marina Homes fuses natural dyes with French fabrics, which is the perfect example of luxury and elegance. These sofas are priced between Rs.150,000 and 800,000. Tahir Ibraham, general manager of Marina Homes proudly boasts about how the sofas have added a charm to the farmhouses and villas of a good set of Bollywood celebrities. He says, "The leather stuffed cigar sofas are usually the hits. The designs for all the sofa come from top designers from London and India."

Another name that pops up when talking about sofas is Minotti Sofas. The neat designs and perfect combination of fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool, viscose or acrylic, make the sofas a hit among anyone who wants to revamp their living room into their personal space of happiness. The general fabric sofas start from around Rs.350,000 but the popular 7 ft Freeman Duvet, a three-seater sofa, costs Rs.700,000. The duvet stands out for its brass frame, backrest embellished with motifs and armrest. Tarak Shah, director, Minotti Monobrand, explains, "The frames,  rubber belts, feathers, fabric, glue and even the tools are all imported from Italy. This is why the sofas are costly."

Italian designs have always been a hit in India. So it's no surprise that Fendi Casa has made its way into everyone's hearts through the artu sofa. The finest craftsmen design these sofas by themselves, so the process takes anywhere between 12-16 weeks. That is probably why the sofas at Fendi Casa cost upwards of €8,000, with room for customisations. Seetu Kohli from Seetu Kohli Concepts, the first one to bring Fendi Casa to India says, "The four-seater artu sofas are the perfect combination of design and great fabric. The comfort factor is a big reason why our clients usually opt for our sofas." Sofas are just one of the many things that make up the living room, so why look further.